Monday, December 29, 2008


Teamwork Webcast #1 - Business processes integration

This is the first of a series of webcasts in which Silvia Chelazzi and Pietro Polsinelli (two Teamwork developers) will talk about Teamwork, work and project management, and related tools and technologies. We plan to release a webcast about every two weeks.

In this one after a brief table-tennis exchange (trying the latest addition to our office) we take a first look at Teamwork 4 integration with business processes, so this webcast is quite dense with technical references.

P.S. Pietro in the video says that he is assigning task in hours, bot of course it is in working days... .

See the webcast on Vimeo. Download the webcast: mov file (63MB), zipped mov (44MB), zipped flv (29MB). We promise to have smaller and friendlier files for next webcasts :-). You can also see it in our player here. The mov files can be watched with Quicktime or VLC, the flv with VLC and others.

Suggestions for topics that the webcasts should cover are welcome: use the UserVoice service, with requests as this one.

References in and around the webcast:

The creator of JBPM: Tom Baeyens, (Teamwork and Open Lab are in no sense associated with JBoss.)

A previous blog post on these themes:
On worklow patterns in general:
Interesting article on Infoq:

P.S. To be sure you understand what a flow is (from :-)

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