Monday, September 29, 2008


Resource plan

A preview of the "excel like" editing of the resource plan in the forthcoming "resource management" module.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Project management: simple, complex?

Yet another university adopted Teamwork. Why so many
universities pick us?

Well, they need a flexible modeling tool, and Teamwork gives them this, not only because of modeling trees, but also because of the refined assignment model; definable node level role, and hence security, and so on.

Complex model must not imply a complex user interface, and this is where a lot of recent work on our part is being done, studying the extensive literature on the matter, doing user testing and new developments. A sample of the new results is the possibility of moduling load on an assignment through a resource plan and/or by issue break-down.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Authentication: standard, http, LDAP

cat does not loginTeamwork currently (3.2.8) supports a built-in, we’ll call it “standard”, authentication (notice that Teamwork works fine also under https) , which is the usual login, and authentication provided by the container, we’ll call it “http authentication”. This allows both single-sign-on support and also LDAP authentication through say the Tomcat container, as detailed in the forum.

We are empowering authentication with a third modality, by having Teamwork contact directly the LDAP server, and also importing and updating users from LDAP via a scheduled job if needed. All this includes Active Directory; in this way, your LDAP will be the source of users and authentication. This third modality we’ll call it “LDAP”. It will make integration very easy, feasible completely just through the web interface. :-)

If users will require it, it will be quite easy to integrate also OpenId authentication.

UPDATE: Teamwork 3.2.9 includes direct LDAP import and authentication: see

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Using Teamwork 3 with Chrome Beta

After a few tests it seems to be fully compatible with Teamwork 3 - and with no effort on our part :-D

Chrome has a really smart way of navigating your recent links and using search results at the same time - we are preparing something on an analogous line and quite revolutionary for the forthcoming Teamwork releases - stay tuned..


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