Friday, October 27, 2006


3.1: systemic improvements

Among the almost a hundred improvements done for the forthcoming version 3.1 of Teamwork, there are several "systemic" ones.
Like we found that many users never set Tomcat memory settings after trial; as Teamwork by default ran into Tomcat's minimal memory space (64MB), this led many to problems. So now it uses by default a 128MB space, and its documented in the install PDF how to set and modify this.
Teamwork now supports schema evolution, and a bug concerning Oracle schema update has been fixed.
We also found that under Linux there were cases when Teamwork was launched by a JDK 4 Java instance, which led to problems; this too is already fixed.

There is also a new page in Teamwork, "system check", that reports the system license, database, memory, version and scheduling state, giving the administrator the overall situation at a glance. There is a "check for updates function".

We mean to release 3.1 as a very stable version; hence we are being really very very careful in releasing an application highly compatible with the most diverse environments and situations.

Many of these improvements come from (invaluable) user feedback; thanks for that, and keep posting errors (maybe with your email, so we can notify you of the fix), observations, suggestions and sending e-mails.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Teamwork at JAOO 2006

Here is Teamwork stand at JAOO 2006. Among IBM, SUN, Google... it gave a funny feeling.

A powerpoint of our "solution presentation" is downloadable from JAOO's site for those who have a JAOO login. The presentation expands this theme.

JAOO is a very well organized developer's conference, and Aarhus a nice place to visit.

This is the beautiful boy's statue at Aarhus contemporary art museum, which is just in front of the Expo. Actually if had seen it already at the Venice Biennale two years ago, in a completely different context, where the statue fit exactly with the room where it was placed.

I also bought a Peter Rabbit book in Danish for my daughter. Fortunately she can't read yet :-)

We did 44 demos at our booth; we asked every single person whether they were a Java developer using Hibernate: 98% of positive answers; in this sense it is likely true that Teamwork is the easiest application out there for integration with an existing IT infrastructure: everybody is using Hibernate, so it will be easy to link to Teamwork.

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