Friday, October 27, 2006


3.1: systemic improvements

Among the almost a hundred improvements done for the forthcoming version 3.1 of Teamwork, there are several "systemic" ones.
Like we found that many users never set Tomcat memory settings after trial; as Teamwork by default ran into Tomcat's minimal memory space (64MB), this led many to problems. So now it uses by default a 128MB space, and its documented in the install PDF how to set and modify this.
Teamwork now supports schema evolution, and a bug concerning Oracle schema update has been fixed.
We also found that under Linux there were cases when Teamwork was launched by a JDK 4 Java instance, which led to problems; this too is already fixed.

There is also a new page in Teamwork, "system check", that reports the system license, database, memory, version and scheduling state, giving the administrator the overall situation at a glance. There is a "check for updates function".

We mean to release 3.1 as a very stable version; hence we are being really very very careful in releasing an application highly compatible with the most diverse environments and situations.

Many of these improvements come from (invaluable) user feedback; thanks for that, and keep posting errors (maybe with your email, so we can notify you of the fix), observations, suggestions and sending e-mails.

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