Thursday, September 07, 2006


Beyond Teamwork 3.0.X series

What are we preparing for Teamwork future?

First of all we have collected about 200 feature request and bugs since the release of 3.0.0, of which with the 3.0.1-3.0.6 releases we fixed almost all bugs (more then 50) and added several features.

There should be another 3.0.X release with more fixes and a SCRUM module coming soon, together with a documentation video.

For the next major release, considering also users feedback, for the moment we plan:

- MS Exchange server integration
- file server native security integration
- MS project import/export
- services (like rooms) allocation in time with graphical interface
- PDF versions of all print pages
- expansion of the CMS part, with also RSS feeds of news
- text file contacts import
- more paper documentation

Hopes for release are in first quarter, 2007.

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