Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Teamwork 3.0 is ready: thanks

I am totally happy (and the glass from the Spumante bottle that we've just opened helps) that we released Teamwork 3 in time, and with a gorgeous set of features.

I believe that we have followed all the ideals to which we agreed in preparing release; some of these are:

- to make it easy to start using it
- to make the interface easy to use
- to give a more powerful model
- to document it through videos
- to listen to users feedback
- to simplify the use of security
- to produce interactive reports
- to keep teamwork compatible with all server and databases
- to simplify installation

Crucial in this achievement has been the contribution of Roberto Bicchierai, whose legendarily wide expertise made us build a strong backbone as model (and also some beautiful tattoos). In detail, the formidable Open Lab team: Afra Balletta, Roberto Bicchierai, Matteo Bicocchi, Irina Branovic, Ilaria Di Gaeta, Caterina Feroci, Massimiliano Ferroni, Amélie Ngantcha, Laura Mirri, Giuseppe Panzarella, Matteo Rossi, Carlo Zoli, and myself, Pietro Polsinelli.

Some people who have helped us in the past: Allegra Bicocchi, Andrea Costantinis, Ezio Manetti, Giorgio Medina, Nicola Ponzeveroni, Teresa Di Viesti. Some users that gave most valuable feedback: Stefano Besseghini, William Ho, Brendan Boyle, Federico Rapi, Keith Page, Mauro Manetti, Tommaso Pecchioli, Massimo Iacolare, Alessandro Veracchi.

Technically, we owe mostly to Gavin King's creation, Hibernate, and to Joel Spolsky's writings and links on user interfaces, among many, many others.

To all of you my deepest thanks for making my fixed obsession come true and maybe become something useful.

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