Friday, November 14, 2008


New Teamwork introductory pages

Forthcoming release of Teamwork will have brand new introductory pages, rich of links; this because we often find that in the evaluation phase users don't get to find some of the most useful features.

Following this idea, the entire interface has been rebuilt along "don't make me think" lines, while at the same time enriching the set of features.

In place edit in lists, more flexible dashboards components, more flexible project modeling and issue editing, a friendly search and ranking function: all this is coming together in a unique web based project management application which is likely more powerful that any competitor, and usable as the new social tools.

This will make it also easier to start simple, and add more along the way, lowering the initial adoption barrier which is one of the main reasons for pm software adoption failure.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Boot camp experiences: Vocabase

One of the most recent and successful Teamwork boot camps has been at Vocabase, a Belgian software house. They develop voice portals, application servers operating telephone interactions between customers and support, and more. The boot camp lasted two days, and was in Waterloo (our hotel was in the "middle" of the battlefield).

Vocabase leading team is composed of Alain Rondenbosch, Robert Hopp and Jean-Michel Polfliet; after their gracious reception, we started by installing Teamwork in their intranet, and then proceeded presenting and discussing features and modeling of their processes.

As always happens in these cases, the customer points out to needs that lead to future improvements of Teamwork; in this case, in the resource planning section, and the relationship between worklogs and costs.

Usually our boot camps consist of a first (long) meeting with the (potential) project managers, finding the appropriate Teamwork models and procedures matching their work process; then a second meeting involving the entire team, demoing Teamwork usage and asking for feedback.

Teamwork is so flexible that modeling your projects and work with slim or large trees, using issues or not, using a single or multiple areas, are all open options, and a boot camp can speed up enormously adoption time.

Teamwork's adoption is generally a symptom of a developing culture for improving production through quality of work, and our impression of Vocabase is that this is the direction in which they are progressing.

Meeting and working with them has been a real pleasure, we wish them an even more successful future!

If you want to get a Teamwork boot camp, go here.

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