Monday, December 29, 2008


Using social tools for managing projects

A friend who works as project manager professional, a consultant at several public and private organizations in Rome, proposed me to use blogs as tools helping managing a project; this because it happens to him that introducing structured tools meets adoption resistance. Introducing work management from a community based platform is a quite novel approach, and could be quite in harmony with modern methodologies. We intend to progressively integrate this perspective too, and we did something already. Consider that with Teamwork's custom dashboards, you can integrate practically anything in your home page, in particular today that many online services are available as simple JavaScript calls.

You may have noticed that we are now using the User Voice service to collect users' feedback on Teamwork. User Voice is a refined and simple way to get feedback from your customers and contacts, even when you have only online contacts; it is an example of open access, where all users have equal rights of expression.

As an example of integration, we now provide a User Voice portlet, which you can set to point to your User Voice service; you will then select the requests which you want to deal with, creating corresponding issues in Teamwork.

In the image we have the portlet set in the home page.

More and more work management tools will need to transform into “linking” applications, places where different kinds of logging get linearized into a project. We’re working on this!

Pietro Polsinelli

P.S. If you are wondering about Teamwork's look in the screenshot, that is version 4.

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