Thursday, December 18, 2008


Teamwork 3 final released

Today (December 18, 2008) we released Teamwork 3 final (release 3.2.9 build 7187). It contains an extension of the internationalization coverage, in which we were helped by a German customer company (thanks!).

You can download the release here:

Teamwork 4 is now in beta; we will post extended coverage of the new features in the forthcoming weeks; we will also begin a series of webcasts, in the first one we'll take a look at some 4 beta features. Version 4 will be released for production at the end of next month (January); of course anybody who buys Teamwork 3 now will get a free upgrade to version 4.

You can post as usual feature requests on our uservoice service, and also themes to be discussed in the webcasts; if you want to get access to the beta version, just contact us.


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