Thursday, October 23, 2008


Teamwork’s new installer

In the wave of release of new features, we also deployed a new installer. We tried to create the first really user friendly multi-platform installer for a multi-database web application, and as you can guess by the length of the description, it wasn’t trivial.
Working on the Install4J’s platform, we added the creation of services on Windows and OSX platforms, and, in case launching services is not possible, automated launch from a console of the web server. We are thinking about whether it would be useful to install it as a “service” on say Debian/Ubuntu or RedHat distributions.
We improved the database test connection part, with improved Oracle-db interface and clearer error feedback.
But what we worked mostly on is making the installation really very, very easy for a first evaluation, so that it does not ask any technical question: it just installs Teamwork as a service on a default test db, and then opens the browser there. Then it will be quite easy to move to production. Just try it here so see how it has been done.

Most of the work has been done by our Roberto Baldi, who unfortunately for him presented it in a very bugged form in our weekly developer meeting, and had hence been confronted by a jeering crowd :-D

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