Friday, August 29, 2008


Teamwork and Alfresco integration

Among the rich set of integrations possible with Teamwork, one which we are considering is integrating Alfresco document management with Teamwork's. We were discussing this at a customer (a bank), when they showed us that Alfresco provides file system network access to its document engine, so you can access the document tree throuh the network just by tipying a network address of the form \\alfrescoServer\... . Well then we immediately created a file storage pointing to the root of the alfresco server, so that the area manager can set on tasks roots the document root corresponding to it, and operate! So the inner flexibility of Teamwork gave us immediately a first, rough "integration" with Alfresco, which the customer loved, and makes them immediately operative.

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Integration with other open-source document management servers will really help Teamwork become the 'force de jour'.

Alfresco is certainly a great one to pursue, and the other is KnowledgeTree. Both these can do the speciality document management (Eg. one-click integration with MS Office) that is not Teamwork's focus.

Certainly for us that would be a great plus!

So please Yes! Put some resources into pursuing these integrations.
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