Monday, April 07, 2008


We use Teamwork's technology for all our services

I think that one of the reason why people could sort of trust us, is that we use Teamwork's technology for all our services: Teamwor's website runs on Webwork, which is the content management system built over the same platform as Teamwork (Teamwork's custom dashboards are actually a part of Webwork); Teamwork's forum is powered by the same application that runs Teamwork's project forums.
In some custome development, we integrated our worklflow engine, Flowork (based on JBPM) with Teamwork to manage complex flows; we have on line courses running on Learnwork, again the same technology. For our intranet we are empowering Teamwork's dashboard with Webwork in wiki mode. And there are many many many more.

Its funny to see development companies claiming to be technology leaders and not using their own technology for their own services..

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