Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Paper is better than superficial software solutions

In this very nice post, Introducing the Hipster PDA, a good point is made about how practical software-free, paper management can be.

In case you want extend beyond the reach of personal management, you may start using cards in full glory:

Getting Things Done with Index Cards
Getting Things Done With Index Cards 2.0

I think that the pictures actually start seeding some doubt that all this paper will end up in a great mess. It's not in serious doubt the usefulness of software for project management in the case of work of more than two people, if the software can deal with the matter at hand, and in particular with limit cases.

My "laws for the usefulness of project management software" are:
- work management software is useful only in a complex work management situation
- work gets complex much faster than any prediction you make (this last is clearly inspired by Murphy's laws)

And my (ad ad ad - beware) is that Teamwork is one of the few that can deal with the complexity of the matter at hand...


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