Thursday, March 13, 2008


Scrum and re-scheduling

A smart Scrum team leader that is using Teamwork (yes - there is such a thing - smart and using Teamwork) pointed us a practical point: suppose that you are a developer and are assigned a set of issues, on which you do your development and record development time spent. You did with the team the initial evaluation of needed development time, and suppose for a particular issue you decided to put 10 hours.
Now you recorded time elapsed, but as happens all the time in life, you have to reschedule some of the issues. Now the users remarked that it is quite cumbersome to reason on the base of estimated duration - worklog done, because all you are actually focused on is time remaining.

So.. here is the change: by clicking on worklog done, a time remaining panel appears, and its editable right there.

This little practical change, can make a difference; think when you have planned 34 hours, and have done 27:30, how many to go, will it suffice.. I don't want spend time on that.
This improvement will be included in forthcoming 3.2.4 release.

We are happy that more and more people integrate their software development management with Teamwork, its a sign that a too-narrow view of software management (only issue-track, with hundreds of floating numeric fields.. aaargh) is not the right way, and at the same time, that a too simplistic view of work management software can't work; so you need Teamwork, which is darn hard, but gets it done in the end, the way you want it. Love your feedback!


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