Thursday, February 07, 2008


You can’t be serious, man

I remember summers when I was a child in England, watching McEnroe on TV. So when I see the project management solutions people consider, it just comes to my mind; “You can’t be serious, man!”. I mean, it’s incredible what commercials get to sell to customers. Some companies really believe that they can have projects and work data on a third party on-line service? I mean, a company with more than two people can take that? And you can accept not to have such data on your database? I mean, no access but through that closed-source web based software? Online services and software houses come and go. You also should have some familiar way to talk and question such data. Add pages, reports, whatever to the application. I mean, we are not talking about an mp3 player, which just has to play mp3s (and even there, you may want more); its your company's data!

You really believe that issue-tracking is all you need for managing software development? Nowhere today software is made only by developers.

I understand that our competitors have stronger marketing means. But believing such stuff.. you can’t be serious, man!
Pietro Polsinelli

P.S. A friend remarked: "In your line, to be serious you'd need a custom solution!". Well, yes: what we try to supply with Teamwork is as close as possible to a custom solution, at the price of a schrink-wrapped one...


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