Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Project management by e-mail

Project management and e-mail communication have a love-hate relationship; on the one side, e-mail is a bad idea for handling projects: A 10-to-1 rule of email based project management, and on the other side, it is the most comfortable mean of remote communication and information transmittal, sometimes even better then the browser, as it given less remote access problems.

Given the contemporary wave of "make it simple" software drafts hitting software aided project management, which easily gets too simplistic, tens of web based todo list softwares appeared, some of which try to handle matters through e-mail. Now if you try to use such things you'll end up in troubles fast, if only because you simply can't create and manage a project from an e-mail: projects, even very simple ones, need some structured data beyond name and the single person that has to do it, and you can't do this with an e-mail, unless you introduce a new syntax, and then you are deep into troubles.

So what we did is to let e-mail be a mean for handling additional information on a project already existing, like creating documents, issues, and todos: all this is explained at

and released since version 3.2.5.

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