Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Teamwork listens and talks

We are currently working on expanding and improving Teamwork’s capacities in “listening” to other applications, and “talking” to them. The improvements will be progressively released. In particular:

Project clients
MPX support has been improved, so that imports and exports can be done from and to localized versions of MPX’s. This is compatible with GanttProject ( and Microsoft Project formats and behavior (this improvement is included in release 3.2.7).

Data export
You already have the export to PDF functionality; we’ll add that all your filter/lists will be exportable in CSV format.

Listening to work logging
We are developing a functionality to import work log from different sources: one is Twitter (, another one is Subversion commits (, a third one is CVS commits ( The Twitter module will also let export Teamwork work logs to Twitter. The Subversion and CVS modules will also integrate in the file storage, allowing web access to repositories.

Synch of agendas
Ical (and hence Outlook) synchronization has been a will be further improved. We are also working on synchs with Google’s calendar.

A bit of mystery
There are other directions in which we are working, but are still in early alpha stage: let’s just say that we intend to facilitate migration from “data hostage” environments to our open structure.

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