Friday, August 29, 2008


Supporting Ical

Today we completed integration between Teamwork agenda and Google calendar.
In the original project we just dispatched events created in Teamwork to Google calendar, but now we let users export a complete Teamwork agenda in Ical format in order to see all appointments on another calendar server (just like Google calendar but also in another Teamwork!).

Another added feature lets you import one or more external calendars in Ical format and see the events contained in it inside Teamwork’s agenda.

While building the integration, I’ve had all sorts of troubles with date format and time zone settings. In fact we couldn’t assume that calendars working together have the same time settings, so it was necessary to convert dates in the correct time zone every time we tried to do an export or an import.

Now everything works fine and it’s great! You can send every new event created in Teamwork to your Google calendar, you can see all your Google calendar events simply copying the given calendar’s address in Teamwork, and you can also do the opposite!


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