Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Another one: Teamworklive, and fashion in web applications

I've taken a look at www.teamworklive. com. Little to say here: seems more a tool to set up a community, than anything related to managing work. Its crammed with Ajax, everything moves, reloads… JUST KEEP STILL for a second!
And the object model below? Seems rough, un-engineered stuff: no trees…

Developing like this is a bit like following fashion; but ergonomics has nothing to do with fashion. Like now so many new web applications, they feature big fonts; a few years ago fashion was small fonts. Fonts used in forms should be monospaced, and in display they should be small enough to be readable and transmit as much information as possible on the page. Web applications should be useful in work, not paged like a fashion magazine.

For a dive into nonsense, such applications have RSS subscriptions everywhere: how can a secured, profiled application supply data as RSS, with no authentication? Teamwork will provide company news as RSS; but to provide a task content as RSS seems bizarre.


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