Thursday, July 05, 2007


The future of web applications over Java and ORM

Well, a really nice post from Mr. King, "oneofthafew":

In defence of the RDBMS

funny how rare contact with reality is in the development community. Fortunately, the Hibernate group always kept a solid sense of what a practical solution has to be, ignoring hype, and we tried to follow suit. Anyway, web interfaces, Java and ORM seem more and more here to stay.

The so called "impedance mismatch between the architectural approach of the object oriented application such as built in Java and where the data is stored in a relational database management" actually resolves in an advantage due to separation of concerns and richness of applicable models. For the latter, it is very confortable to be free to drill, group and move through data both in its object and its relational form. In fact this spectrum of options is among Teamwork's competitive advantages.

Pietro Polsinelli


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