Thursday, March 15, 2007


Creating an ASP service

A few weeks ago we decided to offer Teamwork as a free-to-start and pay-to-have-more online service.

In order to do this, we had to meet three requirements:

1. make Teamwork's areas completely self sufficient, as every account would be an area on a unique, shared Teamwork instance

2. automate the free account limits verification -> "buy on PayPal" suggestion -> return to online service from PayPal with account activation

3. make Teamwork easier to begin with

We completed all three, set up a couple of fast servers, and are now on line. In 24 hours we had 145 new accounts, so the idea at least has some glamor to it. The dedicated servers for the moment answer really fast, so we keep finger crossed.

Point 3 is actually the hardest one; we introduced a new page, which will be included in next release, which should make it easier to start using Teamwork here's a screenshot:

You can see it yourself at

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