Friday, December 29, 2006


Teamwork and technological updates

Teamwork's best year so far is ending; we finally had a little time to breathe, so in this days we have been refining Teamwork interface and updating the underlying technology: now Teamwork runs fine on JDK 6, and on Hibernate 3.2. We also switched to c3p0 connection pool technology, and updated the Install4j to version 4. In a following post we will share our ideas concerning web interfaces and the novelties introduced by Ajax.

We have also first alphas of next release, with the Outlook synch module, which will surely be part of it, and a new testing framework; we will soon launch a "vote for features", as done for version 3, to fix the priorities.

In the meantime, Teamwork's customers are growing at good pace. Interesting is that the JavaBlackBelt community too is using Teamwork for their management.


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