Monday, April 30, 2007


Teamwork and ICalendar/Outlook integration

We completed Teamwork and ICalendar/Outlook integration, just by using e-mail headers and ICalendar's contents. In this way, Teamwork can serve as an "exchange" server, for groups of people using Outlook as client; you can create meetings interchangeably either in Teamwork or in Outlook, and find them in both cases in both agendas. We are preparing a detailed blog post on how this was done technically.

You could have people involved in Teamwork only through their email/calendar client.

ICalendar integration opens a host of exchange possibilities, given the wide spectrum of ICalendar adoption: from the Wikipedia link above:

"It is implemented/supported by a large number of products, including 30 Boxes, Apple's iCal application, Darwin Calendar Server, Contactizer and iPod, Chandler, Drupal with its event module, Citadel, Facebook, FirstClass, Google Calendar, Jalios JCMS, KOrganizer, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Calendar (including Mozilla Sunbird), Mulberry, Novell Evolution, Novell GroupWise, Nuvvo, Simple Groupware,, Windows Calendar, Webical, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, and Microsoft Outlook (see below). ..."

Actually, Teamwork now can download e-mails in general; we have already made it possible to create resources in Teamwork simply by sending a VCard by e-mail, and to add documents to a project sending them as attachments by e-mail.

Last but not least, Outlook and Thunderbird contacts (generally, from CSV files) can now be interactively imported as Teamwork's resources!

All this will be out in 3.2.0, and will be free for all current customers.

P.S. June 22, 2007: Video documentation is now available: see

The Aztec calendar picture is from Flickr, as the pink one.


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