Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Digg into Teamwork to find gold

There are many levels of Teamwork' usage. One may just start using the introductory pages, maybe directly online, hence sparing also setup, and be quite happy. But the application can give considerable satisfaction also to users who want to dig technology; we have "hidden" inside Teamwork's interface and API several enterprise aspects, which may turn useful any time, and which are normally available only in enterprise custom solutions. Several of the features below are not available out of the box: but everything needed to proceed with integration is provided, as it has been done for some customisation; years of corporate integration development have not passed in vain.

We hope that the new wide "friendly administrator settings" screen (a part of it in the picture) will help giving an idea of the power of the application.

Some examples:

- built-in audit engine
- clustering of job engines
- single sign on via http authentication support
- injection of custom reports
- JBPM built-in integration
- EJB3 annotation supported
- authenticated e-mail support
- automated web-based schema evolution
- web based web server administration
- UTF-8 supporting web-editable labels
- complex QBE querying possible from all fields
- computed numerical fields
- injectable schema naming strategy
- injectable settings
- LDAP and Active Directory role read functionality


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